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Welcome Urban Sports Club partner!


Take advantage of the special conditions until March 31, by selecting one of three options in the form below:

- Give it a try pack - 1 box (12 bars) of each of the 3 flavors - 20% DISCOUNT (€0.94 per bar)

- All-benefeat pack - 2 boxes of each of the 3 flavors - 30% DISCOUNT (€0.82 per bar)

- Do it yourself pack - write in the comments the number of boxes per flavor (minimum of 6 boxes in total) - 30% DISCOUNT (€0.82 per bar)

Recommended RRP is €1.65. Prices shown with 6% VAT included.


Once you submit your purchase intent, the ball is in our court.

We ship the bars in less than 72 hours, with no shipping costs.

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Thank you!

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