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We are dreamers! We believe that eating better can transform everyone's life. Our mission is to change the way people see food... to show that having small healthy routines can be easy and enjoyable!

So we decided to gather the benefits of nature in a snack, and that was when Benefeat was born, in 2021. There will be plenty of energy to face the challenges of everyday life. Positive energy, of course!


Mission without action is nothing.

There are two types of people: the ones who act and the ones who find excuses. Eating well requires a path of learning, self-knowledge and progress. We are part of “the ones who act” and that's why we have developed the Benefeat snacks, putting together the best of the 3 worlds: healthy, tasty, with the practicality that daily life demands. So that there are no more excuses.


Join the movement!

We have always heard that to go fast it’s better go alone, but to go far there must be someone else. And we know that alone we will not be able to make the world healthier… that this mission will only be possible if we meet more dreamers along the way. 


If you want to be one of our "friends with Benefeat", either because you would like to sell or promote our products, because you are a professional in the areas of sport and nutrition, or simply because you are a dreamer like us, send us a message. It will be a pleasure talking to you.

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